Gau Seva Dham

Hospital & Research Center

World Sankirtan Tour Trust is parent body and Gau Seva Dham is working under the aegis of it. It was established by Pujya Devi Chitralekha Ji on 26th May 2013. It is situated in Hodal in an area of more than 5 acres.

The reason for establishing Gau Seva Dham is to just serve and protect Gau-Mata. Once, Devi ji saw an injured cow lying on the road. Her condition was serious and the cars were passing by that cow paying no heed to her. Devi ji was so hurt by witnessing such insensitivity towards Gau-Mata. She rushed towards her to give her first-aid and decided to do something to help stray animals.

So, in 2013 she established the Gau Seva Dham Hospital to provide free medical care, food and shelter not only to cows but to all stray animals.

We have treated more than 20,000 animals till date and have provided on the spot medical-care and OPD to more than 5000 animals.

We are a team of more than 100 dedicated employees who are determined to make this world a better living place for these injured, hungry and harassed animals. We want people to become more sensitive and compassionate towards animals. we are serving them the best what we can do in our capacity day and night with all caliber and potentials.

Facilities in Gau Seva Dham Hospital

We have a full-time staff of about 100 people to take care of them 24*7 with all the modern facilities...

Our other social welfare activities


Sadhu Seva - We at Gau Seva Dham, provide Prashad and shelter to sadhus. We also organize bhandaras on regular intervals of time on large scale to seek their blessings in return.

Environment Awareness Programme - We also run environment awareness programme and conduct seminars related to important topics such as climate change, water preservation, yielding organic crops , reduce plastic waste etc.

Help orphan child - We also help orphans by donating study materials, food items and other necessities in different orphanages in nearby areas.

Animal awareness camp- We also setup animal awareness camps to bring compassion in the hearts of people towards animals. Because a compassionate society is an ideal society.

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