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We once rescued a cow who had consumed 55 kgs of plastic. She was in so much pain and it took so long for her to recover back. But if we hadn’t found her, she wouldn’t have made it. The truth is, there are so many cows who go through the same agony. They are deserted, abandoned, ill treated and left to die. They deserve a happy and healthy life too. They deserve to be treated with respect.

Devi Chitralekha ji,
Founder- Gau Seva Dham Hospital

Gau Seva Dham (GSD) Hospital has been devoted in helping injured and abandoned cows. Founded in the year 2013 by Devi Chitralekha ji.

Devi ji a spiritual saint who has devotees all across the world, GSD Hospital is a place where animals are treated with utmost love and respect.

GSD Hospital’s Selfless Service

Gau Seva Dham Hospital’s Selfless Service

When Deviji was born, many saints and hermits visited her house as they considered her a miraculous child. Due to her parents’ spiritual inclinations, she was taken to various spiritual events. At the age of 4, Deviji was initiated in Gaudiya Vaishnavism, by Gaudiya saint Shri Girdhari Baba. Ever since then, she has recited various kathas around the world.

GSD Hospital was started by Deviji after she saw an injured cow lying on the side of the road in a terrible condition. She immediately attended the cow with first-aid. However, this incident left her deeply concerned about the plight of Shri Krishna beloved Gau-Mata. She then decided to start the GSD Hospital in Haryana. Here, injured animals are given timely medical attention as per requirement and are nurtured back to health.

Every time someone enters the ward where the cows are looked after, they bow down at the entrance in respect of all the cows here.

Devi ji

GSD Hospital not only treats/serves cows, but other injured animals like cats, dogs, monkeys, horses as well. They are given the best possible treatment with experienced veterinarian doctors. They also give food and shelter to these cows and other animals while they’re recovering. There are several ambulances available to pick up injured and sick animals in and around the areas and attend them with utmost urgency.

Their Mission & Vision

Their mission is to provide medical treatment to seriously wounded and ill cows, encourage people to protect cows, rescue cows from slaughterhouses, rehabilitate them and give old/suffering cows the complete care as they need.

GSD Hospital’s Selfless Service

GSD Hospital has treated over 20,000+ animals so far and this journey will remain continue by the grace of Lord Krishna.

It’s our responsibility to take care of them. Even if we can’t do anything for our cows in person, we can lend a helping hand to those who are dedicated to protecting them. That will also make a difference.

Devi ji

How You Can Help

Gau Seva Dham Hospital now needs your help to get medical equipment such as an ultrasound machine for pregnant and injured cows. They also need medicines and green fodder which will help the cows recover faster and keep them healthy. Despite our best efforts, Gau Seva Dham can’t care all these cows on our own. Therefore, we need your support.

Your support will help us to treat and save more cows and ensure that they can live a happy and healthy life.

About Gau Seva Dham Hospital:

GSD Hospital’s Selfless Service

Gau Seva Dham Hospital in Haryana, treats and rehabilitates cows and other sick and injured animals. Founded by Devi Chitralekha Ji, a spiritual saint who has devotees all across the world. Gau Seva Dham Hospital is a place where animals are treated with utmost love and respect. Here, they’re taken care of by experienced veterinarians and are given food and shelter while recovering. Even during the Corona pandemic also, Gau Seva Dham kept its services continue.


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